About Us


Mayflower Enterprises Private Limited Estd. 1985, completed over 3 million square feet of construction and property development in over three decades in a row now.

Apartments that define style with the finest architectural details have made Mayflower Enterprises the trendy tastemakers in the property development industry.

We pioneer in developing multi-use building complexes, multi-residential apartment complexes, townships, and gated communities.

We have engineered state-of-art gated communities and independent villas in South India.

Energy efficiency and well-planned spaces is our signature identity in the property development market.

We specialize in developing high quality domestic and commercial utility space.  Consistent quality across all our projects is our strength.


Ongoing Residential projects

  • Mayflower Eden Valley
  • Mayflower Silver Ridge
  • Mayflower Estates

Ongoing Commercial projects

  • Mayflower Signature

Completed Residential projects

  • Mayflower Caladium
  • Mayflower Palmgrove
  • Mayflower Sakthi Garden Villas  Phase I & II
  • Mayflower Sakthi Garden Villas and Apartments Phase III & IV
  • Mayflower GVD Residency
  • Mayflower West Mount
  • Mayflower Mahaveer
  • Mayflower Grandeur
  • Mayflower Metropolis
  • Mayflower Brooke fields
  • Mayflower Meadows
  • Mayflower Neoheritage
  • Mayflower Woodside
  • Mayflower Annapoorna Garden
  • Mayflower Anukeerth
  • Mayflower West End
  • Mayflower Annapoorna
  • Mayflower Highway
  • Mayflower Residency
  • Mayflower Royale
  • Mayflower Park
  • Mayflower Apartment

Completed Commercial Projects

  • Mayflower E castle
  • Mayflower Midcity
  • Mayflower HDFC House
  • Mayflower Arcade
  • Mayflower Complex
  • Mayflower Valencia

With over 3 decades of experience at showcasing the best of design layouts and construction quality, Mayflower has completed over 2 million sq.ft of buildings in the city of Coimbatore and has become name-synonymous with aspirational developments. At Mayflower, we aspire to be recognized as a developer who adheres to the highest standards of quality and timeliness to ensure that we not only satisfy but also delight our customers. Our projects are thoughtfully designed by experts and committed team that is sensitive to the most intimate needs of urban living and recognizes the primacy of work-life harmony. Looking ahead to take on new challenges, we at Mayflower, are all set to take our legacy forward in creating legendary landmarks and setting new benchmarks.


“To create enhanced lifestyles treasuring the investments and priceless emotions of all stake holders.”


“To emerge as a leader in the field of Property Development in the region and contribute to the economic growth through infrastructure creation.”


  • Best Business Practices that exceed customer expectations
  • Recruiting efficient manpower
  • Implementing cutting-edge technology
  • Committed to delivering quality
  • Ensuring integrity in products and services delivered
  • Creating value for stakeholders and customers
  • High quality residential and commercial projects at par with Global Developers
  • Establishing reasonable benchmarks
  • Keeping up to date with latest advancements in construction technology
  • Showcasing ground breaking innovation and professionalism
  • Staying a step ahead in the industry
  • Exceeding the limits of excellence by improving professional caliber


Shri. A.N. Venkatachalam, our Founder Chairman, is our turnkey motivation to enliven our invisible dream to a visible reality. An ex-member of the Chettinad Business Empire for over 5 decades, the process discipline in wealth management is our founder’s unique strength. The power of a construction industrialist are skilled human resources and requisite flow of money. Our founder, forever, ensured that we started off with sufficient financial and human resources to get the work going. This in turn accelerated the career progression of Mayflower. Motivated by our founder, we cultivated the values of dependability and discipline. We sustain our ethical and business values as laid down by our founder in every project we undertake.

Our sets for everyday accomplishment are crafted by our Managing Director. The dynamic leadership and guidance of Shri V. Mohan, our Managing Director is based on the foundational concept of the importance of sustaining a team of committed people to run Mayflower. The smooth running of our varied projects are made possible by the powerful recruitment sense of our managing director. Tireless execution of everyday tasks is the key to our success. Our management makes this possible by recruiting the right people for the right task. Every member of the Mayflower family is a committed talent.

Mr. K. Shivashankar, the bespoke architect in Chennai is the brain behind our architectural marvels. He ensures that the foundation will stand the test of time. We are already proud and happy that the good buildings that we did build in the past are continuing to build our business. Our buildings speak for our quality.

Our source of power are our highly skilled architects, professional consultants, plumbing consultants, electrical consultants, landscaping specialists, auditors, engineers and the legal panel. The team spirit and dedication of the Mayflower team in the various phases of the project gear us to achieve our organizational objectives. We are focused to desire, conceive, and build the best structures of the future. Timely delivery is our strength. Our customers love us because we walk our talk. We deliver value for investment. We are proud of our ability to sustain the happy list of customers we have accumulated over years.

Together We Continue to Achieve More.

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